Other Practice Areas

While we focus on estate law, surrogacy law, and personal injury law, our team also has the capacity and expertise to take on cases in other practice areas. Learn more about how we can help you below.



If you have been charged with a crime, our criminal defense attorneys are here to help you understand your rights.



Pendergast DUI attorneys will work with your case closely to offer the best strategy for your individual case. 


Commercial Litigation

Commercial contract law can involve many different disputes that arise. Our attorneys can work with you on your own commercial litigation case.


Small Business Transactions

The Pendergast team has attorneys specializing in small business readily available to help you get started and manage the legal aspects of your transactions. 


Real Estate

From real estate closing, foreclosure, or other disputes, Pendergast’s local real estate attorneys are here to help. 


Landlord / Tenant

Need an attorney for landlord/tenant issues? Pendergast can provide you with an experienced attorney for rental disputes.


Unemployment / Workers Compensation

Injured on the job? Navigating Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation laws can be difficult. Our workers comp lawyers will work with you to get the money, including unemployment benefits, you deserve. 



Contracts can be complicated legal documents. From rental contracts, medical contracts, and employment contracts, we have a team of contract law attorneys ready to handle your case.